October 21, 2018


1.  VA Benefits

a. VA Disability / Compensation Benefits

The Veterans Affairs Department of the U. S. Government administers Veteran’s Benefits.  Veterans need to make a claim to the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to obtain these benefits.  A summarized list of these benefits is listed below in “VA Benefits in Brief”.


These benefits are authorized by Congress and should be considered as part of your compensation because you were in the military. 


Submission of your claim can be by three methods:


  1. You complete the paperwork by completing the claim forms manually and sending to the VA with the required supporting evidence, or by filling out the claim on the VA website also with the supporting evidence.


  1. You can work with the American Legion or other service organizations or the county and use a VA Accredited Service Officers to properly complete the claim and supporting evidence and then submit the claim to the VA.


  1. Get an attorney to assist you.

We recommend proceeding with method two by involving a VA Accredited Service Officer.

The American Legion offers cost free assistance for the submission of claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The Post Service Officer can help you initiate your claim by showing you some of the forms that may be required, and assist you in obtaining basic supporting documents such as DD Form 214 or Report of Separation, medical evidence, and family information.  Once the basic documents are obtained you will be further assisted by VA Accredited Service Officers working for the American Legion (partially funded by the State of Michigan) or our Jackson County Government Accredited Service Officer.

At the Post Service Officer level we will help obtain a Certified Copy of your DD 214 or Report of Separation.  If you do not have a copy of this document we will help you get it from the Department of Defense.  We will discuss what other supporting evidence you may need to obtain.  We will prepare you for the appointment with the VA Accredited Service Offer by discuss the procedures including filing of notice of intent with the VA, revocable power of attorney and other actions. 



To start your disability claim contact:


Dave Mooberry, Post 29 Service Officer. 


Phone:  517-784-5466 or text 517-917-4401




Call, text, or email me any time or see me at a Legion Meeting.  You need not be a member of The American Legion to use our services.


We encourage you to investigate and apply.   Do not wait but proceed with initiating a claim now.  If you have been denied a claim in the past, consider reviewing the claim because VA claim acceptance criteria may have changed over time for various reasons. 


Some of the Supporting Evidence that may be required is shown below in “American Legion Department of Michigan Supporting Evidence”.


The Veterans Affairs Department web page containing additional information:


Other Benefits:  Education and Training, Home Loan, Life Insurance and Vocational Rehabilitation.


See below “VA Benefits in Brief” or contact Dave Mooberry, Post 29 Service Officer, Phone:  517-784-5466 or email:



b. VA Health Benefits


For VA health benefits have a DD 214 and contact the VA health system to enroll.  Contact:  by phone 877-222-8387, web page, by mail using Form 10-10EZ, or in person at a VA Health facility.


We have a VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic locally at 4328 Page Avenue, Michigan Center, Michigan, phone 571-764-3609.


The Veterans Affairs Department web page containing additional information:



c. VA Burial Benefits


Burial Benefits are described below in “VA Benefits in Brief”.  Funeral homes will usually provide some of this assistance.  It is good to have a DD 214 available.  If you have any questions or need additional information contact: Dave Mooberry, Post 29 Service Officer, Phone:  517-784-5466 or email:


2.  Financial Assistance


The Post Service Officer can also help with obtaining financial assistance to veterans in need. 


The programs that can be applied for are:


a. The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance Program – Designed to help minor children of eligible veterans through cash grants for food shelter utilities and medical expenses.


b.  Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency Michigan Veterans Homeowners Assistance Program – Provides financial grant assistance to military service members: Active, Reserve, Air and Army National Guard, and honorably discharged Veterans living of having lived in a house in Michigan for all issues or residual effects related to the foreclosure crisis.


c. The Michigan American Legion Wilwin Lodge – A place for rest and recuperation for disabled Combat Veterans; to offer a retreat for reuniting families after long deployments.


d. Post 29 Heroes and Families – Aid to active service members and veterans in need.


To discuss applications contact:  Dave Mooberry, Post 29 Service Officer, Phone:  517-784-5466 or email: